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A soldier kneeing on rubble wearing a helmet and respirator

Our business model

Our products and services maximise the capabilities of our customers and create value for all our key stakeholder groups.

Our competitive advantages

Market positions

Our market-leading positions are protected by our world-leading technologies, high value brands, significant barriers to entry and intellectual property rights.

Our partnerships

We maintain strong relationships with a diverse customer base of global militaries and first responders, where we work in tandem to develop and deliver specific protective needs.

Our people

We have extensive in-house capabilities across all of our functions, with empowerment and trust at the centre of what we do to get the best out of our people.

A visual representation of our business model titled 'How we create value.' The image illustrates our customer-centric approach to value creation, emphasizing the protection of lives. Through continuous research, development, and innovation, we secure new contracts, driving sustainable growth.

How we create value

Our value creation is centered on protecting more lives, in which we take a customer-centric approach, where we deeply understand their needs. Through continuous research and development, we innovate life-saving products, securing new contracts to drive growth.

The value we create


Our people are essential in enabling us to meet our customers’ requirements, and we must provide a happy, healthy and rewarding environment to allow our employees to thrive. Initiatives include Balance@Avon, our employee resource group which aims to help develop and promote our female leaders of the future; LinkedIn Learning, our e-learning platform; our network of Culture Champions who promote the views and interests of our employees across our sites; and a wide range of health awareness initiatives.


We acknowledge the responsibility we have to the local communities our sites operate in and look to contribute in more ways than just providing employment opportunities. In 2023 we made over $124k in donations to local charities and organisations including hospices, schools, emergency service providers and community groups, in addition to our partnerships with Team Forces and Forces Wives Challenge, and our donation of 20% of sales generated via the Team Wendy e-commerce site to The Honor Foundation on Giving Tuesday.


We understand the criticality of our products in enabling our customers to perform life-endangering tasks in service of protecting others. Our products are designed to meet the specific demands of our users, and the highest quality standards are upheld to ensure they work without fail when they are needed most.


The climate impacts the life-threatening situations in which our products and services help save lives. Working towards our net zero goal, building in more circularity and the targeted use of resources will help us mitigate and adapt to protect our planet. This year we have established focused sustainability targets for us to deliver against over the next five years.


Our supply chain is essential in the timely delivery of our life-saving products, and we maintain robust partnerships with our extensive supplier network, whilst ensuring they abide by the same ethical and moral standards that we do.


Through successful management of the business and execution of our STAR strategy, we return value to our shareholders via dividends and reinvesting in the business to drive future growth and margin expansion.