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capital markets event

Capital markets event

Avon is well positioned to deliver exceptional value to shareholders

  • Superb execution

    Platform for execution expected to provide competitive advantage

  • Growing markets

    Growing markets in an increasingly dangerous world

  • Stable base and well underpinned growth

    Valuable recurring revenue base. High visibility of future growth.

  • Transformation driving returns & cash flow

    Concrete plan to deliver mid-teens margins and high cash flow already in action.

  • Strong competitive moat

    Commanding market position driving long term stakeholder returns.

A high performing business delivering medium term

  • ≥ 5% Revenue CAGR
  • 14-16% Operating profit margin
  • >17% ROIC
  • 80-100% Cash conversion
  • 1-2x Net debt/EBITDA

Watch the full event

For those unable to attend in person, catch up on Jos Sclater, Chief Executive Officer and Rich Cashin, Chief Financial Officer, present alongside our divisional presidents and transformation team.

Soldier wearing a helmet and donning a respirator

Technology Showcase

Our technology showcase highlighted our mission-critical technology portfolio across Avon Protection and Team Wendy, as well as some of our passionate team members behind the products.

You can watch the highlights from our technology showcase below.

Soldier wearing a helmet and respirator


  • Avon Protection 50 Series Respirator
  • Avon Protection FM54 & MP-PAPR
  • Avon Protection MCM100 Rebreather
  • Team Wendy EPIC Helmet
  • Team Wendy Rifletech and Next Generation Bump Helmets
  • Future Integration Ensemble - CBRN
  • Future Integration Ensemble - Underwater
  • Future Integration Future Mission-Critical Systems