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Our colleagues and communities

Our mission is only achievable as a result of our exceptional, highly engaged colleagues. As a major employer in the areas we operate in, community engagement is important to us, ensuring we contribute an inclusive workplace, with strong values and new opportunities for current and future colleagues.

Our 2028 targets

  • 2.5% annual improvement in employee engagement
  • Support local communities
  • Support diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Fill more vacancies with internal hires and promotions

Our Approach

  • We actively engage with our employees for their feedback on strategic initiatives and ask them to regularly share feedback to identify areas for improvement. We do this through our annual Employee Opinion Survey and pulse surveys.
  • We believe in creating an inclusive environment for our employees, which attracts and retains talent and ensures all employees are supported in their development, so they have the opportunity to grow in a career where they can make a real difference. We have a number of development initiatives which helps to attract and retain talent, including our year-long Professional Development Programme and mentoring scheme which ensures employees are supported in their development.
  • Our Balance@Avon employee resource group continues to motivate, empower and support all employees, particularly those who may feel they are in the minority, to foster a culture that recognises diversity provides a better culture for all.
  • We have pledged to improve the balance of female to male employees across our sites and as part of this we have signed the Women in Defence U.K. charter.
  • We have an established community initiative focused on economic, social and environmental sustainability in our local communities. Within this we promote our Charitable Giving Programme which provides employees with the opportunity to request donations or match funding for local charities and good causes. We also partner with not-for-profit and charitable organisations such as Team Forces Foundation that provides financial grants to help make sport or adventure more accessible to those who serve in the British Armed Forces.


  • Strengthen
  • Transform


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For more information on our approach to sustainability, see the latest sustainability report in the 2023 Annual Report.

Sustainability in action

We strive to create an exceptional workplace where our colleagues feel happy, nurtured, and supported, enabling them to reach their full potential.

The Balance@Avon employee resource group is dedicated to fostering and developing female talent, ensuring the success of all women at Avon Protection in their careers. Recognising the challenges faced by colleagues navigating menopause or supporting someone going through it, Balance@Avon is committed to making Avon Protection a Menopause Friendly Employer. This involves introducing comprehensive menopause awareness, guidance, and support across the business, ensuring sustained support for our female talent throughout their careers.

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