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Soldier wearing a helmet and respirator

Avon Protection

We have an extensive history of providing mission-critical protection and a comprehensive knowledge of our customers' requirements.

Our leading range of mission-critical protection includes:

  1. Respirators
  2. Powered & supplied air
  3. Spares & accessories
  4. CBRN Protective Wear
  5. Underwater systems
CBRN Officer wearing respiratory portfolio

Examples OF Avon Protection's PORTFOLIO

M50 respirator M50 respirator


Our 50 series respirators utilise shared key technologies, offering maximum protection against CBRN threats. With multiple tailored variants, we meet diverse customer needs effectively and comprehensively. The M50 and FM50 masks are the most advanced military general service respiratory protection masks to date, offering significant improvement in comfort, usability, operational effectiveness and protection.

The C50 mask is based on the M50 and is the leading mask used by U.S. law enforcement agencies, offering high protection, outstanding field of vision and superior comfort. The PC50 was developed for budget challenged prisons, correctional officers, border control and other non-CBRN requirements that require protection in dangerous and contaminated environments.  

The FM53, FM54 and M53A1 masks were developed specifically for specialist applications where the user needs to respond to ever-changing operational conditions.

We manufacture the General Service Respirator (GSR) which is the standard issue to all U.K. service personnel across the Army, RAF and Navy; the GSR twin-canister, single-visor design is to the U.K. MOD’s precise specification and features high performance filtration technology.


    We offer service support to global customers through replacement filters, spares, accessories and communication systems, providing through-life support to our range of respirators and other life sustaining equipment.


    Our NH15 escape hood provides portable protection. The ultra-low profile makes it more convenient to carry and enhances the range of respiratory protection available to escape a hostile situation.


    Designed for specialist capabilities, our complementary value-added subsystems extend operational capability. Our range of Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR), Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) or a combination of the two (CS-PAPR) can be deployed with our respirators to provide clean, breathable air.


    Our MCM100 is a fully closed circuit, electronically controlled, mixed gas rebreather suitable for a range of specialist military or tactical diving disciplines, such as mine clearance or explosives disposal.


    Our Mi-TIC range of Thermal Imaging Cameras includes the lightest and smallest thermal imagers available certified to comply with NFPA 1801:2021, alongside a wider range of cameras developed from the same technology.


    With an extensive knowledge of military and first responder CBRN requirements, we developed the EXOSKIN-B1 CBRN boots and EXOSKIN-G1 CBRN gloves, designed to meet the unique requirements of the modern warfighter and tactical operator.

Soldier wearing a helmet and respirator


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