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Our Committees are the key pillars of our corporate governance structure. Explore each Committee's purpose and access their respective terms of reference for detailed information.

Each Committee operates under clear terms of reference, copies of which are available on our website. Details of the operation of each Committee are provided within the relevant Committee report in our Annual Report.


The Committee monitors the integrity of the Group’s financial statements and supports the Board with its ongoing monitoring of the effectiveness of the Group’s risk management and internal control systems.

View the Audit Committee terms of reference.  

Nominations Committee

The Nomination Committee evaluate the Board of Director’s and examines the skills, knowledge and experience needed, making recommendations on succession planning and appointments to the Board. 

View the Nomination Committee terms of reference.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee seeks to support the delivery of the Group's strategy by establishing remuneration arrangements which support sustainable value creation for our shareholders.

View the Remuneration Committee terms of reference.